Apple’s rumored 4-inch iPhone has reportedly hit production

Apple’s rumored 4-inch iPhone has reportedly hit production

According to recent reports surfacing in Japan, production of Apple's much-rumored, new 4-inch iPhone - which will likely be called 'iPhone 5SE' - has started.

The 4-inch variant of the iPhone is expected to be officially unveiled by Apple at an event scheduled to be held in March. The small- screen variant of the iPhone will chiefly be aimed at consumers in emerging markets, where full-sized iPhones are considered too expensive.

In an apparent substantiation of rumors about the 4-inch iPhone, reports coming out of Japan on Thursday have disclosed that the smaller-screen iPhone has begun to roll off the assembly line. Going by the indications from the reports, Apple evidently plans to build up inventory for the handset before its official announcement in March.

With regard to Apple's forthcoming 4-inch iPhone from Japan have also revealed that the company has completed the development of the handset in early 2015, and was probably waiting for the right opportunity to commence the production of the handset and market it.

The 4-inch iPhone will either resemble the iPhone 5S model or will be a smaller version of iPhone 6. The expected cost of the handset is nearly $450; and it will be available in 16GB and 64GB versions.

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