Healthcare workers find bird flu virus in Dunfermline

Healthcare workers find bird flu virus in Dunfermline

Health experts have confirmed that they have found a bird flu strain at a local farm located in Dunfermline.

Authorities have said that the birds in the area will be culled and they have also set up a 1km control zonearound the premises in Dunfermline to control the virus. The government in Scotland has confirmed they have detected a strain of avian flu (H5) at the farm.

The authorities have said that the virus is a "low pathogenic strain" but still the farmers in the area being urged to be careful about the matter. They also said that the risk to human health is very low. There have several cases of avian influenza across continental Europe during these months. There have been three cases in other parts of the UK in 2015.

The authorities have taken a number of step steps to control the virus and have placed a number of restrictions. There are a range of controls in place within the danger zones like movement of poultry, carcasses, eggs, used poultry litter and manure and restrictions on bird gatherings.The Scottish government's Rural Affairs Secretary, Richard Lochhead, assured the general public and farmers that the government is taking appropriate steps to keep the situation under control.

Scotland's Chief Veterinary Officer, Sheila Voas, said, “We have taken immediate action to contain this case as part of our robust procedures for dealing swiftly with avian flu.Evidence suggests this is a low severity form of the virus however we are taking action to ensure that the disease does not spread or develop into a more severe form.I would urge poultry keepers in the surrounding area to be vigilant for any signs of disease and to ensure they are maintaining good biosecurity on their premises.”

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