Robots now capable of sorting and folding clothes

Robots now capable of sorting and folding clothes

A team of scientists have developed a robot that can become a user's assistance in sorting and folding cloths.

The team at the Glasgow University in the UK said that the robots can be tuned to operate several machines used for catering to household works. The robot was developed following continued efforts for three years and with a numbers of digital cameras as eyes and varied sensitive grippers as hands. The pressure sensors on the grippers on the hands allow it to perform complex folding tasks.

The 8fthigh robotis called 'Dexterous Blue' and can also be used tofeel the particular texture of any clothing. The robot uses microphones and rubs the material to help record the sound. The team said that the robot can help making lives easier for individuals.

The project, which was led by British scientist, Dr. Paul Siebert has been named as CloPeMa, which is an acronym for Clothes Perception & Manipulation. The project is aimed at making clothes using similar machines across the factories. Dr Siebert said the technology can be used to make cloths in the UK. He predicts that helping robots will find their way to our homes in the coming decade.

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