Ministers and health bosses accept Taskforce’s recommendations to improve mental health care

Ministers and health bosses accept Taskforce’s recommendations to improve mental

A taskforce set up by NHS England has presented a grim picture of mental health care in the UK. The report has unveiled that mental health care is in such a bad shape that lives are being ruined. A number of people are left without any support or little of it.

The report has come up with recommendations, which has been accepted by ministers and health bosses without expressing any second doubts. The report findings promise to treat a million more people by 2020 and £1bn extra to tackle the problems.

Prime Minister David Cameron has welcomed the plan by saying that it would help put mental and physical healthcare on equal footing. The report has unveiled that one in four suffers problem every year and 75% of them do not receive any help.

NHS England believes that the strategy will help ensuring that another one million people receive the needed support. The investment will help in paying for an extra 600,000 people to have an access to talking therapies with severe mental health problems. Mental health team will be part of all A&E units.

The funds would also help support pregnant and new mothers. These measures as per the report makers will lessen the burden on specialist inpatient wards in hospitals and would help tackle the practice, which demands sending people long distance for their treatment.

Taskforce’s head Paul Farmer, the chief executive of the mental health charity, said that the strategy would act as a ‘landmark moment’ for mental health care, which currently is in a very patchy state. “We are saying to the NHS, to government, to industry, to local leaders and to the public that mental health must be a priority for everyone”, affirmed Farmer. NHS England boss Simon Stevens has promised to adopt all the recommendation.

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