Animal Abuse: Florida beachgoer drags Shark Out of Ocean to clicks Photos

Animal Abuse: Florida beachgoer drags Shark Out of Ocean to clicks Photos

Last week, a viral video showed tourists in Argentina leaving a rare dolphin on the beach after clicking selfies. Now, another incident has been reported where a shark was harmed for clicking a few photos in Florida.

The new incident took place on Palm Beach, Florida where a person took a shark out of the water to click a picture with it. In a new disturbing video, many beachgoers can be noticed around the man, but all of them were just watching, clicking photos and laughing.

Like dolphin’s video, the new clip has also gained popularity on the internet and most of the comments have been negative. More than 220,000 users have seen the footage on Facebook. The video shows a man on a Florida beach grabbing shark from its tail. He takes the shark out of water to capture a picture of it. The animal can be seen wresting with the man. After a few seconds, the shark stops moving, and the man pins the helpless fish down.

Around four or five beachgoers were busy taking pictures of the animal abuse, while the man was posing with a grin. The whole incident continued for around one minute before a beachgoer came and released the fish into the water.

As per a report from local media Brevard Times, shark in the video was a bull shark.

This isn’t the first case of such type of animal abuse. Just a week ago, a mob of tourists in Argentina were seen dragging a baby dolphin out of the water and tossed it around for selfies. The rare dolphin soon died from overheating.

The incident provides another proof that our newer generation is crazy about selfies. They don’t even care that the sickening selfie mania is hurting someone. They share such videos and pictures on social media to get views and likes.

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