Twitter rolls out new GIF search feature

Twitter rolls out new GIF search feature

Popular microblogging service Twitter has partnered with Giphy and Riffsy to give its users the ability to enhance their posts by adding GIFs to them more easily.

According to a blog post by Sasank Reddy, a Senior Product Manager at Twitter, the team-up with Giphy and Riffsy will essentially enable Twitter users to search for GIFs and share them from within the service.

The new GIF search feature is now being rolled out by Twitter for the users of its iOS and Android apps -- and also for users -- across the world; and will reach all users "in the coming weeks."

To add GIFs to their Twitter posts and share them without leaving the service, Twitter users simply have to tap on the GIF button while composing a tweet or direct message. The GIF button, which is positioned next to the camera button, to allow Twitter users to search the GIF library by keyword or look through different ‘reaction’ categories, like Dance, Happy, Mic Drop, or YOLO.

About the new capability coming to Twitter users, Reddy said in the blog post that users just have to click the new GIF button whenever they want to search for “the perfect cat yawn or dance move” for expressing their feelings in a particular tweet or message.

Meanwhile, about Giphy’s partnership with Twitter, Giphy founder and CEO Alex Chung said in a statement: "Giphy delivers real-time GIFs as they happen, helping to power Twitter's live commentary and conversation."

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