Sony stops shipping PS TV in Japan

Sony stops shipping PS TV in Japan

In a recent update to the PlayStation TV (PS TV)’s Japanese product page, Sony has quietly revealed that it has stopped the sales of the device in Japan. However, Sony has not clarified whether the sales of the device are also being stopped in the other markets where it is available.

The PS TV was launched by Sony in Japan and some other markets -- as a mini-console as well as a streaming device -- across the world in 2013. The initial price-tag of the device was $99, which was subsequently slashed notably when the device failed to gain market traction. Currently, the heavily discounted PS TV sells for around $40.

The reason why Sony has stopped the shipping of the PS TV in Japan is that the device -- which is also called PlayStation Vita TV in some markets -- could evidently not justify its description as a mini-console, because it lacks most of the popular games which are available to gamers on the PlayStation platform.

Moreover, as a streaming device too, the PS TV lags far behind most of set-top boxes available on the market. In comparison to the other media hubs, the PS TV is not only more expensive – even with a heavily reduced $40 price tag – but is also less suitable for the job.

As such, Sony’s decision to stop shipping PS TV in Japan is not a surprising move; given the fact that the device, at its best, can only play a few Vita games, downloadable PS1 titles and Remote Play.

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