Gmail mobile app updated to version 6.0

Gmail mobile app updated to version 6.0

Google has announced, via a recently released blog post, that it is rolling out an updated version of its Gmail mobile app. As a result of the move, the Gmail mobile app has now been updated to version 6.0.

The updated version of the Gmail mobile app unfolds the availability of some extremely useful features which were thus far available only to the users of the desktop edition of Google’s popular Gmail email service.

According to the details shared by Google in the blog post, one of the most noteworthy features coming to the updated 6.0 version of the Gmail mobile app is the ability for the app’s users to use rich text formatting in their emails. As such, users of the Gmail mobile app will be able to enhance their messages by making the text bold, italic, underlined, colored, or highlighted.

Moreover, the updated Gmail mobile app also gives users the ability to RSVP more quickly, without the need to open separate apps. For bringing instantaneous RSVPs to the Gmail mobile app, the update ensures that all the information required by the users is available on the screen instantly.

Yet another significant change coming to the updated Gmail mobile app is in the manner the app handles calendar invitations. Towards that end, if the users of the updated Gmail have an invitation from Google Calendar or Exchange, they will get an embedded option to reply directly from Gmail.

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