Researchers discover four new crab species in India

Researchers discover four new crab species in India

A team of researchers have been able to discover four new species of crab on the coasts of the southern Indian state of Kerala.

The researches at the Department of Aquatic Biology and Fisheries, University of Kerala, have said that they have discovered four new species on the coastal areas indicating that the area is rich in diversity. The first hermit crab species named Paguristesluculentus was located off the coast of Kollamwhile the second species Diogenes canaliculatus is named after the longitudinal furrows on the outer surface of the arm of the left chelate leg. Both these belong to the family Diogenidae.

The third species Pagurusspinossiorbelongs to another hermit crab family Paguridae and was found in Neendakara, Kollam. Another species calledAfropinnotheresratnakara was found inside the brown musselat Kovalam

The discoveries of a three hermit crabs were made as part of a collaborative research projectby A. Biju Kumar, head of the department; R. Reshmi, research scholar, and Tomoyuki Komai of the Natural History Museum and Institute, Chiba, Japan.

The findings have been published in the international journal of taxonomy called, Zootaxa.

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