Paul Raines: GameStop will launch Sony’s PlayStation VR headset in fall 2016

Paul Raines: GameStop will launch Sony’s PlayStation VR headset in fall 2016

In a Tuesday interview on Fox Business, GameStop CEO Paul Raines that his company has worked out a deal with Sony to sell the PlayStation VR headset in its store, and added that GameStop will launch the headset in fall this year.

Raines’ statement about the fall 2016 launch of the Sony PlayStation VR headset in its store has triggered widespread speculations that Sony will apparently not start the shipping of the device until fall.

The speculations hint at a possible, and significant, delay from the expected summer launch of Sony’s PlayStation VR headset. Sony had, while sharing its PlayStation VR headset’s launch timetable last year, said that it plans to release the device in the first half of 2016.

Other than that announcement, Sony has not officially divulged any specific launch date for the headset. However, some competing VR headsets – like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive – are set to arrive in the markets in the next couple of months. As such, a fall release of PlayStation VR headset will put Sony much behind its rivals in the nascent VR arena.

Meanwhile, in an evident clarification of Paul Raines’ statement that GameStop will launch PlayStation VR headset in fall this year, GameStop said: "Paul did mean generally speaking, whenever PlayStation VR launches, we will be ready for it and supporting it heavily at launch and going into Holiday 2016."

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