Nintendo to launch ‘Miitomo’ mobile app in Japan on March 17

Nintendo to launch ‘Miitomo’ mobile app in Japan on March 17

On Friday, Nintendo announced via a Twitter post that it will launch its much-awaited 'Miitomo' mobile app in Japan on March 17,
2016. However, Nintendo has not shared any details about the expected timeline for the launch of Miitomo mobile app in the US and Europe.

The forthcoming Miitomo mobile app is Nintendo's first smartphone app. It is social-focused, free-to-start app for which the pre- registration is currently open. The app - which requires gamers to have a Nintendo Account - will likely have a prominent 'social' aspect, which will chiefly involve Mii avatar interactions between gamers and their friends.

The Miitomo mobile app will essentially enable gamers to create Mii characters which are capable of communicating with the Mii characters created by their friends and other gamers.

The Mii characters created by Miitomo gamers will be able to pass along messages to one another, asking questions or revealing secret facts about their owners. The app will also feature a photography mode which can be used by gamers to upload photos of their Mii characters in different situations to social media.

In addition, Miitomo gamers will also be able to purchase new outfits and customization options for their Mii characters. The new outfits and customization options can be bought by gamers with the help of Miitomo coins, which the gamers can either accrue by playing the game or through in-app purchases.

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