Google rolls out redesigned Developer Program Policy Center

Google rolls out redesigned Developer Program Policy Center

On Tuesday, tech giant Google announced the roll out of a brand new material design overhaul for its Google Play Developer Program Policy Center.

The redesign of the Developer Program Policy Center is essentially aimed at ensuring that the guidelines for the development of apps for the Google Play store can be easily found by the developers; and also easily understood by them.

The move to redesign the Developer Program Policy Center is apparently rooted in the fact that Google considers the policies to be of paramount importance when it comes to ensuring that the Android software distribution platform is “safe and enjoyable” for the Android community.

As a result of the redesign of the Developer Program Policy Center, all the policies have now been categorized into seven different groups. The topics included in each of the seven categories – all boasting colorful icons - are unfolded to the developers via a drop-down menu.

Meanwhile, with the key focus areas of the latest Policy Center redesign being “transparency and clarity,” Google has also updated some of its rules and made significant changes to its ads policy. In addition, the company has also added some restrictions on apps which circumvent system power management features; and has clarified the User Data Policy by including more stringent requirements on apps which collect users’ contacts and phone numbers.

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