Anger over new guidelines on breast cancer

Anger over new guidelines on breast cancer

Medical experts have said that there is a lot of anger and frustration surrounding the new guidelines released by the American Cancer Society this week relating to treatment of breast cancer.

Most doctors believe that early detecting is the key in treatment for breast cancer. They said that the cancer is restricted to local area in early stages and surgical treatment can help cure the disease. However, the guidelines state that there should be no mammograms before the age of 45 in women at normal risk of breast cancer and it also states that there should be no breast examsby either doctor or patient.

Doctors and patients are frustrated with the fact that the American Cancer Society has advised against self-examination for breast cancer. Medical experts said that women can examine themselves and detect any changes before getting it checked with the doctors and further examination can be carried out by the doctors.

Experts said that if breast exams lead to too many biopsies then doctors must be blamed and not the exam itself and the same should be true for mammography. They said that the test is over 80% sensitive at picking up breast cancer and should be continued to be used.

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Anger over new guidelines on breast cancer
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