Thoth technology gets US Patent for Its ‘Space Elevator’

PL-Thoth technology gets US Patent for Its ‘Space Elevator’

Thoth Technology Inc. has got a US patent for a free-standing space elevator, which is seen to pave the way for easier launching of astronauts, goods and eventually, tourists into orbit.

The Canadian space company said in a statement that the space tower, coupled with self-landing spacecraft, would very soon bring a new era of space transportation. It will make space flights more like riding a passenger jet, as per the company.

There are expectations that the tower could also be used for tourism, as well as communications and to generate wind energy. Caroline Roberts, president and CEO of Thoth Technology, said, “Transformative technologies are always exciting to Thoth. The elevator will enable millions of people to experience the view from near space and reduce dramatically the cost of space exploration, enabling humanity to explore our solar system”.

Thoth engineers started to work on the design of a space elevator in 2007. Their goal was to build a 1-mile high tower within three to five years as a demonstration of their design and building capacity.

The 12-mile-high tower, which is estimated to cost about $5 billion in US currency, would be erected in eight to 10 years, according to Roberts.

Roberts said the company is planning to license the technology to partners around the world. They can also hold a competition to determine where to install the demonstrator, or this may be determined by construction partners, he added.

They are also planning to offer tickets to visitors to ascend to the level for approximately $1,000 US, wrote Roberts. The tower will enable around 1,000 visitors per day to experience the near-space environment from a pressurized viewing lounge, he added.

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