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Target To Match Rival’s Online Prices

Target To Match Rival’s Online Prices

Minneapolis-based retailer, Target, announced that it will be matching its online prices with its online competitors including Amazon.com and Walmart.com. Target has more than two dozen rivals online.

As per market experts, the current policy change introduced by Target marks as a major step for it that, so far, has been matching the prices of its own stores. Target said it has given a time of 14 days to shoppers to adjust price adjustment.

The latest move made by Target highlights how the retailer is aiming to strengthen its e-commerce business, which got increased by 30% in the latest quarter. Target also wants to win market share from rivals, a key part of its strategy under its CEO Brian Cornell, who took the controls in August, 2014.

The retailer also made headlines when in last year’s holiday season, it offered free shipping without any minimum dollar order. And in another move, earlier this year, it permanently lowered its free shipping threshold to $25 from $50.

But the latest move clearly highlights how Target is trying to align its online price-match policy with its brick-and-mortar stores and create a seamless experience for shoppers jumping from stores to online.

Jason Goldberger, president of Target.com, during a recent meeting with nearly 13,000 store managers, held in Minneapolis, said that such moves are simple changes, but they mean a lot for guests.

Target latest policy change follows the lead of Wal-Mart, Best Buy and Staples.

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