Rhino Poaching Problem in South Africa

Rhino Poaching Problem in South Africa

South African Department of Environmental Affairs has released information about rampant rhino poaching in the country. The report tells that 1004 rhinos were killed by poachers last year. The ministry report has urged for better policing and control in the reserve areas.

Spending on policing and forest department should be increased. Also, the country needs to formulate strict regulation. Rhino horn is powdered and is used for its medicinal properties, which have not been proved. Killing of animal for the horn cannot be justified.

In 2012, 668 rhinos were poached in the country. The number was 448 in 2011. The alarming sign is the increase in poaching activity.

Mozambique has taken strict action against poachers and the country has also changed the regulations to implement strict rules for poaching.

South Africa has both white and black rhinos. Black rhinos have been declared critically endangered. The population of white rhinos is more in the country and their poaching is also higher compared to black rhinos.

The country is home for highest number of rhinos in the world. The tourism in the country can only survive if we take quick steps to preserve our wildlife and nature. The residents should inform any poaching activity to crime line.

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