New Google Glass apps to help kids with autism

New Google Glass apps to help kids with autism

Brain Power, which is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is developing apps for its Google Glass device that can help autistic kids learn social and communication skills.

The apps in the device will also provide feedback to caregivers in order to help kids learn in a better and faster manner. The start-upwas founded by neuroscientist Ned T Sahin and is working to make the lives of autistic people better. Sahinwent to the Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Bain Power is initially focusing on children with moderate to high-functioning autism because the autism disorder spectrum is wide. The company is planning to expand its capabilities to other kids. A total of about 200 people have already signed up for Brain Power's beta programme. The Brain Power's beta programme will be conducted in three phases under protocols of Harvard Medical School by Brain Power's team members.

Sahin said,"In this way, we can provide numerical, objective, repeatable assessment of a child's current behaviours, as well as progress over time."Brain Power's Google Glass apps is called Empowered Brain Suite for Autism.

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