Leading Radiological Technologist gets Punishment for Falsifying 1,300 Mammogram Reports

Leading Radiological Technologist gets Punishment for Falsifying 1,300 Mammogram

Authorities have announced up to six-month sentence in a state detention center for a former radiology technician after she admitted falsifying nearly 1,300 mammogram reports at a Georgia hospital. It was found that the accused used doctors' computer logins to replace mammograms results with negative ones at Perry Hospital for about 18 months from the end of 2008 through early 2010. According to the authorities, 10 of the mammograms were actually positive.

During investigation, 33-year-old Rachael Rapraeger said some personal issues led her to become a kind of careless towards her job responsibilities. As a result, mammogram files started to pile up. Her lawyer said she entered false reports in computer systems because she wanted to avoid the paperwork required before sending the mammograms to a radiologist.

Sharon Holmes was shocked after finding a lump in her left breast while she was checking her chest during work one day as a high school custodian. She was baffled having felt a knot sticking out because she was given an all-clear sign just three months earlier by her doctor.

After a new mammogram was taken in February 2010, it was found that she actually had an aggressive stage 2 breast cancer. Her condition could have been controlled earlier had Rapraeger not falsified her report when she came for the check first time. Holmes was not alone to have faced such life risks because of Rapraeger's deliberate carelessness.

Rapraeger was the lead radiological technologist at Perry Hospital in Perry, where she falsified mammogram reports of nearly 1,300 women for 18 months. All those women were given clear signal for breast cancer or abnormalities.

Houston Judicial Circuit District Attorney George Hartwig said, "Given the entirety of the case and the issues that were there, I really feel like we did the best we could do to get a measure of justice for these women". He said it would have been even more disappointing if the case had gone to trial and she had been proved not guilty.

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