Google Plans Stand-Alone VR Device

Google Plans Stand-Alone VR Device

Google is planning a new level of innovation in the field of Virtual Reality (VR), by making the experience self-sufficient. Speculations reveal that a stand-alone device is being developed by the search giant. The device would be the first of its king VR goggle, which will not require a smartphone, laptop or gaming console for operation. The step is being considered as a fresh approach amid a pool of companies struggling to introduce this promising technology to masses.

A computer is required for operating the Oculus headset of Facebook that is priced at $599 and will be available from March 2016. The VR products of HTC and Sony are also powered by a PC or game console, while a Samsung Galaxy smartphone is required to operate Samsung's Gear VR. The new independent device is likely to be equipped with a screen, outward-facing cameras and a high-powered processor, which will be based on chips provided by California-based startup Movidius, which focuses on machine vision.

VR is being critically developed by Google, evident from the establishment of a VR division, which will be controlled by Vice President Clay Bavor, who has been relieved from all his other responsibilities to concentrate completely on VR. Google is also planning the release of a plastic-version of its Cardboard headset, which was made of paper. Google’s plan for the independent VR device reminds the company’s move towards the Google Glass, in terms of developing something that is a complete and separate hardware.

Google’s atypical move in the VR field has left unanswered, many questions related with the devices capability of running Android or if it will turn out to be head-mounted display, wirelessly connecting with phones, tablets and computers. However, this device will ensure enhanced experience and position tracking; while camera is provide 3D coverage of room.

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