FCA’s Jeep-centric Super Bowl 50 ad - ‘Portraits’ - bags Super Clio prize

FCA’s Jeep-centric Super Bowl 50 ad - ‘Portraits’ - bags Super Clio prize

Bigwig automaker Fiat Chrysler Automobile's magnificent Jeep-focused commercial -- titled 'Portraits' -- for Super Bowl 50 was named the best commercial to run during the Big Game.

The 'Portraits' ad -- commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Jeep brand this year -- bagged the second-annual Super Clio prize, which is given out to honor the best Super Bowl commercial.

The FCA's one-minute 'Portraits' Super Bowl 50 commercial -- showcasing the Jeep brand -- was selected as the best ad for the game by a committee of top creative executives, led by Rob Reilly, Super Clio commissioner and McCann Worldgroup's global creative chairman.

The Super Clio-winning 'Portraits' ad was created by Iris Worldwide in New York. The ad basically put together more than 60 pictures of people - including celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and BB King, as well as World War II soldiers and ordinary Americans - and different Jeep models across the last 75 years.

The 'Portraits' ad chiefly evoked the spirit of the Jeep brand over the years, and ended with the following on-screen line: "We don't make Jeep. You do."

Asserting that the 'Portraits' ad was selected as the best ad because of the "restraint it showed for the Super Bowl, to not use the typical tricks," Reilly said: "Jeep could have easily shown driving footage or something similar, but they chose to show very little product and tell a great story."

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