HIV/AIDS program of Indonesia getting thwarted for lack of foreign funds

Indonesia’s fight against HIV/AIDS is in a precarious state as most of the civil organizations that work for preventing the disease bank on foreign funding as per the report that came out on Wednesday.

According to the executive summary report of Indonesia’s United Nations General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) on HIV/AIDS, as much as twenty nine decimal seven million dollars have been donated by the international community for the funding of treatment of HIV/AIDS of the nation.


Babies endure bee stings

Two babies, a girl and a boy were rescued from a house in Glenwood and rushed into a hospital in a grave but stable condition as per reports given by paramedics.


With dollar strengthening and crude stockpile rising Oil stocks decline

Stocks saw a fall today for the first time after gaining for four days in a row as investors demand for raw material lessened with the apporeciation of dollar and traders pointed out that the stockpiles of oil in the US are rising.

Oil futures fell in the tune of zero decimal six percent as dollar got appreciated versus almost all the currencies except one out of sixteen most traded currencies.


Electricité de France SA and Constellation Energy Group Inc.agreed to end a joint venture

On Tuesday, both Constellation Energy Group Inc. and Electricité de France SA have decided to end a joint venture for developing nuclear power plants jointly after their relationship turned sour in recent months.

The problem started in this fall with the five year old JV named UniStar when Constellation did not apply for the federal loan guarantee for the first project of the partnership stating it to be very expensive.