COAL being scrutinized for breach of compliance

Coal of Africa Ltd

The shares of Coal of Africa Ltd saw a decline of fifteen percent which was their lowest in the last eighteen months. This happened following the company's declaration that it had received a notification from the environment agency of the country.

The firm however denied the reports published by media stating Coal has to stop its mining activities in its Mooiplaats mine.


Smoker workers have to clock out their smoking time

Smoker workers

Smokers who work at a district council have to clock out their smoking time when they go out to smoke. Therefore smokers while on duty should smoke in their own time.


Risk of colds get reduced if one stays physically fit

physically fit

Physically fit people are less likely to catch cold or even if they catch colds it is a milder one. A new study team consisting of a team of scientists stated these facts.

Three hundred pounds worth DNA test can determine infant’s sex at seven weeks

DNA test

Using the technique couples will be able to figure out whether they are giving birth to a girl or a boy three months earlier than usual.