Facebook VP says he was treated “with a lot of respect” by Brazilian jail authorities

Facebook VP says he was treated “with a lot of respect” by Brazilian jail author

Facebook Vice President Diego Dzodan, who is based in São Paulo, said that he was treated with respect by Brazilian jail authorities this week, during his one-day detention resulting from an ongoing dispute between Facebook subsidiary WhatsApp and Brazilian law enforcement.

Dzodan disclosure about how he was treated by the Brazilian jail authorities came during the course of his Saturday address at a conference on business trends n Latin America. The conference organized by the students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Sloan School of Management.

Dzodan was arrested by Brazilian police on Tuesday, because of Facebook-owned encrypted messaging service WhatsApp’s refusal to comply with law enforcement demands for data, in connection with a secretive drug trafficking probe.

However, nearly 24 hours after his arrest, Dzodan was released from jail on Wednesday, when a court order to arrest him was overturned by an appeals judge.

Revealing that he was “treated with a lot of respect” by the Brazilian jail authorities, Dzodan said that the incident will not have any impact on Facebook’s plans for expansion in Brazil.

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