US Top Advisory Panel Drops its Caution about Consuming Cholesterol-Laden Food

US Top Advisory Panel Drops its Caution about Consuming Cholesterol-Laden Food

Top nutrition advisory panel of the nation has made decision to drop its caution about consuming cholesterol-laden food. This step might undo government warnings of about 40 years about its eating.

According to the group, cholesterol in the diet needs no longer to be considered a 'nutrient of concern'. Experts talked about the most recent finding at the last meeting of group. The latest view about cholesterol in the diet does not reverse warnings related to high levels of bad cholesterol in the blood that have been connected to heart disease.

Some experts have also given warning that people with health problems like diabetes must continue to stay away from cholesterol-rich diets. The finding follows progress of thinking among various nutritionists, who now considered that for a healthy adult, cholesterol eating could not significantly impact cholesterol level in the blood or increase the risk of heart disease.

The Dietary Guidelines that are due later this year from the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Agriculture help decide the content of school lunches, impact that how food manufacturers advertise their wares and frequently serve as the foundation for reams of diet suggestion.

According to Walter Willett, chairman of the nutrition department at the Harvard School of Public Health, the turnaround on cholesterol is a 'reasonable move'. According to experts, since 1961, cholesterol has been a fixture in United States dietary warnings. After being adopted by the federal government, such warnings shifted eating habits and affected egg farmers. Per capita egg consumption decreased about 30%.

"Almost every single nutrient imaginable has peer-reviewed publications associating it with almost any outcome. In this literature of epidemic proportions, how many results are correct?" said John P. A. Ioannidis, a Stanford University professor of medicine and statistics and one of the harshest critics of nutritional science.

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