Researchers to develop device to produce oxygen on Mars

Researchers to develop device to produce oxygen on Mars

Group of researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the us are working to develop a device that will be capable of producing oxygen on Mars.

Experts have said that discovery will revolutionize future human missions to the red planet as well as other destinations in the universe.

The researchers are working to develop the Mars Oxygen in Situ Resource Utilization Experiment. The device which is also called MOXIE and it is among seven scientific instruments that are to be carried by Mars 2020 of the American space agency, NASA.

Experts said that the atmosphere of the red planet has only 0.2 % oxygen and 96 % carbon dioxide, this makes it impossible for humans to try to breathe in its atmosphere. On the other hand, the atmosphere on earth has about 21 % oxygen. Pigeon is not only needed by humans but it is also required by the rocket to propel. It is believed that loading enough oxygen on the shuttles is too expensive.

MOXIE principal investigator and former astronaut Jeffrey A. Hoffman said that 30 tons of fuel will be required for a rocket to return astronauts from Mars to Earth and this will require launching 300 and 450 tons of propellant. The researchers said that the ability to produce oxygen on Mars will save billions of dollars.OXIE will extract carbon dioxide from Mars' atmosphere and separate one of the molecule's two oxygen atoms.

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