Neurotransmitter determines reaction to stress, study

Neurotransmitter determines reaction to stress, study

According to a new study, a certain neurotransmitter called serotonin determines how different people react to stressful situations in a different way.

Researchers said that some people react with strength to stressful situations while others suffer from depression. This phenomenon is due to serotonin, which is directly linked with human feelings and happiness.

The group of researchers form Duke University's School of Medicine, United States conducted an experiments on mice and found that the mice that had less level of serotonin were more prone to depression when they were exposed to stressful conditions. These mice were unable to respond to the standard anti-depressant, Prozac, which works by boosting serotonin transmission between neurons.

Senior author Marc Caron from Duke University's School of Medicine, said, "Our results are very exciting because they establish that low serotonin could be a contributing factor to the development of depression in response to psycho-social stress in a genetically defined animal model of serotonin deficiency."

The researchers studied the role of serotonin with respect to stress and depression. Earlier studied have also shown that lack of serotonin may lead to susceptibility to certain types of stress.

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