Chilli peppers can help fight obesity

Chilli peppers can help fight obesity

According to a new research, a diet that includes chilli peppers might help fight obesity as researchers have said that it has the ability to boost a sluggish metabolism.

A research team at the University of Wyoming in the US has said that the main ingredient in chilli peppers might become an important part of a new diet supplement. The researchers said that diet supplementation with capsaicin, which is a component of chilli peppers, might lead to weight loss and might also eliminate the need to restrict calorie intake.

The capsaicin helps in turning "bad" white fat into "good" brown fat and helps reduce weight. The findings were presented at the Biophysical Society's 59th Annual Meeting in Baltimore, Maryland in the US that began on 7 February, 2015 and will continue till Wednesday.

Study author Vivek Krishnan, a UW graduate student said, "In our bodies, white fat cells store energy and brown fat cells serve as thermogenic machinery to burn stored fat." He also said that capsaicin as a dietary supplement eliminates weight gain that comes from eating rich foods by boosting the presence of brown fat that burn fat even without exercise.

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