New discovery to make electric cars cheaper, lighter

New discovery to make electric cars cheaper, lighter

A team of scientists have said that a new discovery will allow manufacturers to produce cheaper, lighter and more powerful rechargeable battery for electric vehicles.

The team discovered a new material that maintains a re-chargeable sulphur cathode allowing it to overcome a primary hurdle to building a lithium-sulphur (Li-S) battery. This will allow manufactures to improved battery those will power electric vehicles. These batteries can power an electric car three times more than current lithium-ion batteries for the same capacity at much lower costs.

Chemistry Professor Linda Nazar from the University of Waterloo said, "This is a major step forward and brings the lithium-sulphur battery one step closer to reality. You have to focus on the fundamental understanding of the phenomenon before you can develop new, advanced materials."

Researchers said that sulphur can provide competitive cathode material to lithium cobalt oxide in lithium-ion cells that are being used in the industry currently. Sulphur as a battery material is widely available and is much cheaper and lighter. However, the sulphur cathode exhausts itself after only a few cycles as it dissolves into the electrolyte solution because it is reduced by incoming electrons to form polysulphides.

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