Four-Winged Changyuraptor Dinosaur Fossil Unearthed In China

Four-Winged Dinosaur Fossil Unearthed In China

An all-new fossil discovered in the northeast region of China has enabled the scientists generate details about a four-winged, nearly four-foot Changyuraptor dinosaur that existed approximately 125 million years ago.

The fossil reveals that this species' tail was more than one-foot long and made up almost 30 % of the dinosaur's length. This is indeed an extraordinary ratio and in a way depicts the fact that birds have evolved from dinosaurs and might have learnt the art of flight from them only. Further, scientists believe that this lengthy-feathered tail helped sustain aerial stability, which is a more difficult achievement for larger body sizes.

The complete study along with the related theories that follow up have been published in the journal of nature communications. This study was led by Luis Chiappe, a paleontologist at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County.

The fossil reveals that the Changyuraptor had two sets of wings and had an estimated weight of four kilograms, which made it twice as heavy as other microraptorines. It is believed that these birds were probably not engaged in powered flight like modern birds. Further the fossil shows that these feathered creatures had a mean set of teeth and claws.

"It is a stunning specimen and it was stunning to see the size of the feathers. This is the dinosaur with the longest known feathers - by far. There is nothing like this by a very good distance. The feathers were one-fourth the size of the animal", said Chiappe in an interview.

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