Sprint announces ‘30 Day Risk-Free Trial’ of its network

Sprint announces ‘30 Day Risk-Free Trial’ of its network

Close on the heels of T-Mobile's last-week announcement of a seven-day `Test Drive' of its 4G LTE network with a borrowed Apple iPhone 5S, rival Sprint - which is currently pursuing T-Mobile acquisition - has announced a similar initiative --- a `30 Day Risk-Free Trial' of its service.

Announcing the new initiative on Monday, Sprint said that new customers can have a trial run of its service for a month. If unsatisfied with the Sprint network, the customers can drop the carrier's service within 30 days. Sprint will not charge any penalty from customers for dropping its service after the test drive.

The Sprint offer differs from the T-Mobile offer in the sense that while T-Mobile offers a `seven-day test drive' only with a borrowed iPhone 5S, Sprint allows the customers to purchase any smartphone offered on its network, and test its service for 30 days.

About the new `Test Drive' initiative, Sprint said in a recent statement that while it previously had a 14-day grace period for unsatisfied customers to walk away; but - with effect from June 27 - that timeframe is being extended to 30 days.

In reference to its newly-announced `30 Day Risk-Free Trial,' Sprint said that if customers are not satisfied with their results on the Sprint network during the trial, the carrier will "refund the cost of their device and waive all service and activation charges."

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