Nikkei: Apple will likely launch its much-rumored iWatch in October

Nikkei: Apple will likely launch its much-rumored iWatch in October

Substantiating rumors about the so-called Apple iWatch, Japanese newspaper Nikkei has revealed in a recent report that Apple will apparently launch its much-rumored smartwatch in October this year.

Citing information shared by unidentified industry sources, Nikkei said in its report that is currently developing the iWatch - a watch-like device which users will be able to connect to their smartphones - which will likely hit the markets four months from now.

According to the Nikkei sources, the Apple iWatch will feature "a curved organic light-emitting diode (OLED) touch screen."

The sources also revealed that the Apple iWatch will be capable of collecting wide-ranging health-related data, like calorie consumption, blood glucose, blood oxygen levels, and sleep activity. In addition, the device will also allow the users to read text messages that have been sent to their iPhone.

The Nikkei report about the likely launch of the Apple iWatch in October comes close on the heels of recent comments by Cantor Fitzgerald analyst Brian White that Apple will probably unveil the iWatch alongside its next-generation iPhone in September.

White - who made his comments after meeting employees of an unnamed tech supply firm while attending the Computex trade show in Taiwan - also said that the cost of the Apple iWatch will be in the range of between $US199 and $US229.

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