Paige Hunter, B.C. Woman Clears another Hurdle for Mars One Mission

Paige Hunter, B.C. Woman Clears another Hurdle for Mars One Mission

Keen dedication and hard work of 19-year-old B. C. resident, Paige Hunter, helped her to be the part of the Mars One Project. Paige has successfully cleared last round of the selection process and became the youngest member of the Mars One Project by competing 706 members.

Hunter is now among 54 candidates who are willing to be the top four astronauts to go on Mars mission every two years starting in 2024. Initially, more than 200,000 people from 100 countries applied for the Mars One project.

In order to be the part of the Mars project, each applicant had to pay money of $40 entrance fee to the project. Total money collected from the applicant is expected to raise $6 billion over the next decade.

Paige shared her views and said that her parents are having mixed emotions regarding her wish to be the part of Mars One mission. She added that her mother is totally against her decision, but her father supports her a lot.

Paige added that she will continue to learn international relations, politics and the French language, maybe work for the UN or WHO or the Red Cross in her future. After completion the selection process, next process will be a regional interview to check her knowledge, intelligence, adaptability and personality.

Personal interviews help scientists analyze which candidate is capable of handling missions, said the mission's chief medical officer.

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