MLS Commissioner Don Garber Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer

MLS Commissioner Don Garber Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer

The league announced Saturday that MLS Commissioner Don Garber is fighting prostate cancer. Garber has led the MLS for 15 years. The cancer has not spread and Garber has started treatment at Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital in New York.

Garber, 56, will also undergo surgery at Mt. Sinai Hospital. The doctors have informed that the cancer has been detected at an early stage and their team expects full recovery for Garber.
The official statement from the league said that Garber will continue with his duties as a commission during the treatment.

Garber said in the statement, “I am being treated by exceptional doctors at two of the top hospitals in the world and am confident, as are they, that the prostate cancer will be successfully treated, with a full recovery.”

Garber had joined MLS after working with NFL for 16 years. During his tenure MLS has seen exceptional growth from 12 to 19 teams. MLS has plans to include more teams in near future. The league is also expanding to Canada.

Garber announced that his battle with prostate cancer will prompt other men to go for regular checkup. Prostate Cancer checkups are important to detect the disease at the right time. Many celebrities have been associated with Prostate Awareness campaigns.

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