Spanish golfing icon, battling cancer, seemed spirited

Spanish golfing icon, battling cancer, seemed spirited

On Friday in Madrid, Seve Ballesteros made a rare public appearance where he never looked that he has been battling with the deadly disease, cancer.

The magnetic fifty three years old Spanish golfing icon was grinning and laughing heartily when he inaugurated a symposium on brain tumors supported by his foundation.

In 2008 the charismatic sports person collapsed in the Madrid airport and at that time the five time major winner was diagnosed with a life-threatening brain tumor. Since that time he has been struggling hard to regain his health.

Since that time Seve Ballesteros had undergone several surgical interventions to get rid of the tumor. He also underwent chemotherapy and other medical interventions.

Ballesteros had been found stating to reporters who came to the symposium that he was gradually heading towards normality. He was found happy and gay when he said that slowly and gradually he can find that his health is improving.

He was seen walking without the help of anybody and he was found speaking with more clarity than any other public appearances made by him before. Later Seve Ballesteros quizzed his own doctor when he joined the question and answer session.

He mostly spoke on his own recovery program. He further stated that important thing is to have a strong will power of acceptance and beat the disease.

He further stated that he was on a very strict regime of diet and did physical exercises and gym work like weight lifting and stretching every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

He went on to say that on a regular basis he walks for two hours. He takes enough rest sleeps well and most importantly he laughs. He further stated that to laugh one does not spend anything.

On of the main surgeons who operated on Seve Ballesteros, named Cristobal Belda was all praise for his patient's attitude.

He stated that Seve was doing well and recovering. He further said the work hat Seve is doing needs huge effort as it has to be carried out regularly and not for few days or months.

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