Soft Helmets can help Reduce Brain Injuries in Football Players

Soft Helmets can help Reduce Brain Injuries in Football Players

Researchers are testing 10 of the most widely used helmets by the football players in United States to check for risks of traumatic injuries, broken skulls and concussion. About four million children apply to play tackle football every year across the country. Most parents and coaches believe that the helmets worn by kids reduce risk of brain injuries.

Researchers found 20% decrease in number of traumatic brain injuries in patients on testing helmets with 30% reduction on wearing most effective helmets by the dummy players. They also found 60% to 70% reduction in risks of developing skull fractures with 70% to 80% reduction in risks of brain bruising in dummy players wearing the helmets compared to players without the helmets.

The findings will be presented at the American Academy of Neurology’s annual meeting starting April 26 in Philadelphia. The study states that soft helmets without face masks will help players much better against risk of brain injuries.

The 2011 study published in Journal Pediatrics revealed that death of players in high percentage of cases can be prevented if players with head injuries were not been allowed to play in the field.

Another research published in 2013 found abnormalities in brains of the players of former National Football League compared to those who did not play the game. Some medical protocols for treating patients with head injuries like concussion have been changed by the professional sports leagues, the NFL and the Major League Baseball.

John Lloyd, the study author and the research director at San Antonio, Florida-based Brains Inc., declares football a deadliest sport with 12% of football deaths caused by head or neck injuries.

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