South African new reactor can generate power from 2020

The Guangdong Nuclear Power Group of China, which is a probable developer of atomic plants in South Africa, stated that the country could start producing power from a new reactor in 2020 and have nine more one thousand megawatt units by 2030.

At the hearing of South Africa's Integrated Resource Plan in Johannesburg China Guangdong stated that it is possible to build a plant in South Africa independently or with Eskom Holdings Ltd. It further stated that the government may give guarantee for the power purchase agreement.

It is necessary for South Africa to increase its electricity generation for boosting the country's economy. Eskom, the state owned utility firm dismissed a plan of contracting Westinghouse Electric Co of Toshiba Corp or Avera SA for building a nuclear factory for lack of money. Eskom is said to provide ninety five percent of South Africa's electricity.

According to a draft plan on national electricity expansion, a nuclear plant is to be build by 2022-23.

China Guangdong, while responding to the draft resource plan stated that most mature and reliable baseload energy option is the nuclear power. China Guangdong is the second largest builder of atomic plants. It also builds solar facilities and wind-power.

The cost of construction of a nuclear plant is in the tune of four thousand five hundred dollars to five thousand five hundred dollars per kilowatt which exceeds the budget of the resource plan. These have been stated by Eskom which also added saying that prices of electricity may go up from the estimated budget given in the plan.

Eskom had increased its tariffs by twenty five percent in a year for three years but could not fund one expansion program to fight power shortages, worth four hundred and eighty five billion rand.