LG to Show its High-End TV Technology at CES 2014

LG to Show its High-End TV Technology at CES 2014

It has been reported that LG will be showing its high-end TV technology at CES 2014 and will be one of the very few electronics firmsthat showcase OLED after Panasonic and Sony decided to end joint venture for cheaper OLED development.

In competition with the LG, Samsung has also announced its new releasing smart televisions that are based on sensors, whose channels can be controlled by 'finger gesture'.

It has been reported that LG will show its full line of curved OLED TVs in the show that will start next week. Along with other products, the company will also reveal world's largest 77-inch 4K curved Ultra HD OLED TV.

Televisions are considered as reliable product for the annual International CES expo andit is very appreciable that the two big companies, LG and Samsung, always take part in the event. They come up with their latest and greatest products for the living room along with noveldimensions and features.

The best among all the products will be curved and super-sharp 55-, 65- and 77-inch ultra HD, curved OLED sets by the LG. The company assures its customers that the new product guarantees 'whole new level of picture quality' and supports software based on WebOS.

It has been reported that the rights to WebOS has been achieved by the LG form Hewlett-Packard early last year. OLED screens are used in smartphones but using the screens for TV has proved quite expensive.

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