Israeli Researchers Report Security Issue with Samsung Galaxy S4

Israeli Researchers Report Security Issue with Samsung Galaxy S4

Israeli researchers at BGU Cyber Security Labs have reported security flaw with Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone which can be exploited by hackers to access encrypted data. The latest series of Samsung Galaxy smartphones has generated high sales volume for Samsung. The company offers Galaxy series smartphones based on Knox architecture which uses container technology to keep personal and secure data on the same device.

The security loophole in Samsung Knox software platform provided with Galaxy S4 may allow malware to get access to secure data. Hackers can possibly install code on the mobile device and their could lead to data stealing from the secure network. The team working on the project at Ben Gurion University in Israel marks the security loophole as category one, which is considered serious vulnerability.

Samsung responded to the news statements by saying that Knox architecture cannot be compromised by malware. The vulnerability is not as serious as the research team has marked it. The company will investigate the issue further and if required, will issue an update. Samsung official statement maintained that the Galaxy S4 mobile device which the Israeli team used was not loaded with all the software provided for the enterprise user. Samsung added that the company takes all security issues very seriously.

Galaxy S4 users need not panic as the security flaw is not a serious threat. In case any urgent update is needed, Samsung will ensure safety of smartphone users by offering it at earliest. By October 2013, over 40 million Samsung Galaxy S4 devices were sold in US by the company, generating better sales than Apple iPhone 5. In first month of its launch S4 sales were over 10 million handsets.

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