Yahoo partners with Google to create encrypted email system by 2015

Yahoo partners with Google to create encrypted email system by 2015

At the annual Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas, Yahoo's chief information security officer Alex Stamos said in an announcement that Yahoo has partnered with rival Google in an effort to create an encrypted email system by 2015.

The joint efforts of Yahoo and Google to create a secure email system will help create a mechanism which will make it almost impossible for hackers or government officials to read the messages of email users. In fact, the decryption of the messages will not be possible even by the email providers themselves.

Going by the details shared by Stamos, Yahoo will give its email users the ability of digital signing as well as encryption of messages via an extension of the Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) program.

With Google already having announced in June that it plans to develop spy-proof email system, Stamos has revealed at the Black Hat conference that Yahoo has made a change in its email process, so as to enable users to adopt encryption type messages in a separate window. Since the move will prevent even Yahoo from reading the messages, Stamos said his team is testing ways to get encryption keys on mobile devices.

Disclosing that Yahoo and Google are working on a joint project pertaining to an encryption tool, Stamos said: "We are working to design a key server architecture that allows for automatic discovery of public keys within Yahoo. com and other participating mail providers and to integrate encryption into the normal mail flow."

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