Woman Undergoes Life Changing Surgery

Woman Undergoes Life Changing Surgery

On Monday, Lessya Kotelevskaya underwent reconstructive surgery in Kentucky. Her face was disfigured due to radiation treatments for cancer, but irony of the situation is she never had cancer and was misdiagnosed.

Tiffany Meredith, a spokeswoman for the surgical team, informed that Lessya could be in surgery for as long as 24 hours at University of Louisville Hospital. Oleg Sennik, cousin of Lessya, said she just wants to lead a normal life.

The procedure will involve removing a leg bone, which will be conformed into a new jawbone. The skin will become the inner covering of her mouth. Dr. Jarrod Little, a plastic reconstructive surgeon with UofL Physicians, is leading the team carrying out the surgery costing more than $1 million.

UofL Hospital President Ken Marshall said that they will ensure that Lessya does not have to face any personal hospital charges due to surgery. As few hours passed into the surgery, Dr. Little indicated that surgery was taking place as per plans.

Kotelevskaya, 30, has spent years hiding in darkness in Kazakhstan. She was 19 years old when she was diagnosed with jaw cancer. It happened because she was accidentally elbowed at a basketball game and her jaw became swollen.

Radiation treatment brought a gap hole in her right cheek, which made it difficult for her to eat and talk. After many years, she got to know that her diagnosis was wrong. But by that time, her husband had left her and their business was running into loss.

She worked hard to meet daily needs of life. On one fine day, Sennik reconnected with Kotelevskaya and brought her cousin to Ukraine for treatment.

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