Winston Churchill was open to the possibility of aliens

Winston Churchill was open to the possibility of aliens

A recently discovered essay written by Winston Churchill has revealed that the late British statesman was open to the possibility of alien life on other planets.

In 1939, Churchill wrote a popular science article, in which he mused about the possibility of some kind of extra-terrestrial life on some other planets.

The eleven-page typed draft was reportedly intended for a newspaper. The essay was updated in the 1950s but it never appeared in any newspaper. In early 1980s, it was passed to a U.S. museum, where it remained until it was rediscovered last year.

The essay was rediscovered in the Fulton, Missouri-based National Churchill Museum by the institution’s new director Timothy Riley, who passed it to Israeli astrophysicist & author Mario Livio.

Churchill had great interest in science. He was the first U.K. prime minister to employ a science adviser. He also met regularly with scientists, though his engagement with the scientific community was in part related to the war effort.

Nevertheless, he is credited with funding British laboratories, telescopes and technology development that made significant discoveries in various fields, including molecular genetics and X-ray crystallography.

Livio described the contents of Churchill’s essay in the most recent issue of the journal Nature.


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