Waymo partners with Lyft to develop autonomous vehicles

Waymo partners with Lyft to develop autonomous vehicles

Alphabet’s driverless car division Waymo LLC has confirmed that it will work in partnership with ride-hailing startup Lyft Inc. to develop autonomous vehicles.

Without elaborating specifically on the terms of the partnership, Waymo and Lyft announced on Sunday that they would work together to develop products and technology for self-driving vehicles.

The deal is being seen as an effort of the two companies’ effort to deal a blow to rival firm Uber Technologies’ similar ambitions.

It is worth-mentioning here that Waymo is entangled in a legal battle with Uber over the autonomous technology. In a lawsuit, Waymo alleged that Uber is using its autonomous technology that that stolen by a former Google executive.

Former Google executive Anthony Levandowski allegedly downloaded 14,000 files from the company’s servers a month before leaving the company and started his own business called Otto. Later, Otto was acquired Uber for $680 million.

Each of Waymo and Lyft will bring two different assets to make the deal fruitful. Waymo will bring its self-driving technology, while Lyft will bring its huge network of taxis operating in more than three hundred cities across the nation.


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