Wal-Mart’s Lowest Paid Part-Time Workers to get At Least $10 An Hour by 2016

Wal-Mart’s Lowest Paid Part-Time Workers to get At Least $10 An Hour by 2016

Wal-Mart has decided that it will soon be raising pay scale of its workers as the American retailer does not want to lose workers to competitors. The multinational retail cooperation made this announcement on Wednesday. As per a recently made announcement, Wal-Mart's lowest paid part-time employees will receive at least $10 an hour by 2016. The average full-time worker with Wal-Mart will earn $13 an hour.

Market experts said the modest raises that Wal-Mart will give to its lowest-paid workers have shown some sign of hope for lower-wage workers in other companies and industries.

Now, union activists want that Wal-Mart and other companies must do something more. In other words, they want hourly minimum wage to be increased to $15.

Economists said that Wal-Mart's move will now force other fast food restaurants and retailers to follow the suit if they want to retain their workers. They also said that if other companies adopt the same pattern they will also be able to attract more people during job openings.

It has been said that Wal-Mart's move follows a continuous campaign for higher wages by some of the company's employees and a nationwide debate over whether to raise the federal minimum wage.

Claire McKenna, a policy analyst at the National Employment Law Project, said while commenting about Wal-Mart's pay scale that the retailer always set the standard across the retail sector.

Josh Bivens, research and policy director at the liberal Economic Policy Institute, said, "It at least takes away the excuse from other firms that, we'd like to raise wages, but we can't because we have to compete with Walmart? It could possibly give some competitive breathing space to other retailers to raise wages".

He also said that the retailer's move also reduces the pressure on the other retailers to keep labor costs at the lowest levels.


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