WADA to Use Novel Drug Testing Technique to Catch Cheats

WADA to Use Novel Drug Testing Technique to Catch Cheats

Britain's Craig Reedie, the incoming President of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), said that athletes could now be tested for drugs by testing their hair samples. He revealed that Euro 7.2m fund from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) could lead to formation of new testing techniques to catch cheating players.

Presently, athletes are tested by using their blood and urine samples, but some traces of drugs are always left for longer time in the hair. "This new fund from the IOC will create tremendous opportunities for advances in anti-doping and allow our scientists to look at alternative approaches to sample testing for banned substances", said Reedie.

He added that development of the new technique seems really exciting and is a new step forward in catching drug cheaters. WADA's Official approval to the Moscow testing laboratory for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics was suspended. But, Reedie assured that there will be well-staffed and functioning satellite laboratory in Sochi and provisions have been made to perform such tests.

Reedie said that there are 600 to 700 tests instead of 6,000 at the summer Olympics. He added that there is a need to ensure that a system must be there so that the tested samples could be immediately sent to Lausanne.

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