Volunteers helping sea lion pups in California

Volunteers helping sea lion pups in California

Several volunteers are gathering on the shores of California in order to help save the growing number of sea lion pups that are being washing up on the beaches of California.

Aquatic experts have said that young sea lions are heading towards the California shores.Experts have said that climate change is impacting the lives of sea lions off the coast of California. It is believed that about 1,500 Sea Lion pups have come ashore in the state from San Francisco to San Diego mainly due to the effects of global warming. The animals were found in tired, starving, and confused state and some were in critical condition.

Experts said that the warmer waters is pushing fish away from the coastlines, which forces the mother sea lion to go a long distance to find food and often pups believe that they are abandoned and they try to find their way in the ocean to find their own food, often coming ashore. Animal help services have received a growing number of calls from residents in the state, who have seen a young sea lion. They also said that by the time experts reach the location, the pups are tired and often in critical condition.

Volunteers from several places including Canada are gathering to help the overwhelmed volunteers working in animal rescue shelters across the state.Experts from Vancouver’s Marine Mammal Rescue Center are also in the state to aid volunteers.

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