Vodafone report reveals level of government tapping across the world

Vodafone report reveals level of government tapping across the world

In a report released on Friday, world's second-biggest cellular carrier Vodafone has disclosed the level of tapping by government agencies across the world. The carrier has claimed in the report that surveillance data is being collected by government agencies in a number of countries directly from its networks, without any legal review or official request for particular data.

With the Vodafone network spanning across several countries, the global carrier has revealed in its recent report that its infrastructure can be directly accessed by governments in multiple countries; giving them the ability to listen to conversations on its networks, sometimes with hardly any requirement in form of official requests.

The report by Vodafone marks one of the most comprehensive surveys thus far of wide-ranging government access to voice calls as well as other data moving across telecom networks worldwide.

Specifically, the declarations made by Vodafone in the report show that the kind of access the US National Security Agency enjoyed to telecom networks also occurs in other countries which have comparatively much lower legal protections.

Terming the report by Vodafone as "the most comprehensive report issued thus far by a telecom company," Jonas Kron - SVP at Boston-based Trillium Asset Management, which focuses on socially-responsible investing - said: "Vodafone's discussion of direct government connections to its network raises serious concerns about government practices, and what telecoms can do to protect human rights."


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