Video of ‘Mr. Humpback’ alligator goes viral

Video of ‘Mr. Humpback’ alligator goes viral

A short video of a gigantic alligator strolling across a grassy trail at Circle B Bar Reserve in Lakeland has drawn worldwide gasps.

The 30-second video was shot by Kim Joiner on Sunday at the county environmental reserve, which is quite popular among nature lovers who visit the reserve to see birds and other wildlife. The wild creature seen in the footage is a 12-foot-long bull alligator nicknamed “Mr. Humpback” by visitors.

Joiner along with some other hikers was on Marsh Rabbit Run, a trail that passes through two marshes, when “Mr. Humpback” strolled from one watery area to another.

The massive alligator, which can be commonly seen sunning in the marshes close to the Marsh Rabbit Run, is a really stunning sight. It features a drooping, bulging throat and an arched back.

The video shows the alligator lumbering slowly and moving across the trail before it disappears into thick vegetation on the other side. It is so large that while its head moves into the vegetation, its tail remains on the other side of the eight-foot wide trail.

Joiner posted the video on Facebook Sunday evening, and by Monday afternoon it had been shared more than 21,000 times. Several television stations from Louisiana to New York were prompt to relay it. It was also featured on the website of the Daily Mail, a British publication.


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