Vibrating Capsule from Israel Helps in Constipation

Vibrating Capsule from Israel Helps in Constipation

Many people suffer from constipation and there are numerous natural and medical remedies for the ailment. However, in certain cases of chronic constipation, the individuals suffer from other ailments related to constipation as well. Israel based pharmaceutical company Vibrant has come up with a vibrating capsule, which could help people suffering from constipation.

The vibrating capsule will vibrate in the colon and will help in pushing the waste through bowel movement. The medical research team expressed that the method would not have side effects that many constipation medications have. Also, it would encourage the system to work normally, rather than feeding chemicals to the body. The capsule is made from safe biocompatible material.

The company has tested the vibrating capsule on a group of 26 patients having bowel movement only twice a week. Research lead Yishai Ron from Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center informed that the early tests have shown promising results. The study subjects had not taken any laxatives for two week before the commencement of trials. The patients took two vibrating capsules a week.

The study subjects reported higher instances of spontaneous bowel movements from two per week to four times per week. They also reported decline in constipation symptoms.
Dr Ron added, "The results of this study point to the potential for an alternative treatment that avoids the typical drug side effects, such as bloating and electrolyte imbalance, by imitating the body's natural physiology."

As per CDC data, nearly 15 percent of population in the United States suffers from chronic constipation. Constipation impacts quality of life and also leads to other ailments. Vibrating capsule can reduce dependence on laxatives.

Vibrating capsule, of the size of multi-vitamin capsule, stimulates the digestive tract. As it induces contractions in the intestine, it helps in chronic cases of constipation. The research team will start another bigger scale, double blind study to confirm the efficacy of vibrating capsule in chronic constipation patients.


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