Vampire Squids experience Alternating Reproducing and Resting Phases

Vampire Squids experience Alternating Reproducing and Resting Phases

Vampyroteuthis infernalis or vampire squid is the last surviving member of vampyromorphida. This creature lives in deep-ocean environments. Therefore, it becomes difficult for researchers to record their behaviors.

But a new study published in the Current Biology provides fresh insight into the reproductive strategies of these creatures. Henk-Jan Hoving, of the Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, was studying the decades-old vampire squid collection at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History and noticed something unusual.

True squids spawn just once in their lifetime and that too towards the end of their life. But Hoving found many vampire squid females that still had viable oocytes for producing more eggs. The researchers then came to know that vampire squids pass through alternate reproducing and resting phases.

Vampire squids are unlike true squids and lack the energy to pull all their eggs at a single mating event. "The pace of life in vampire squid is likely slower due to their low metabolic rates, low calorie food intake and inactive mode of life", affirmed Hoving.

As per the researcher, a single vampire squid might spawn over 100 times in its lifetime. Also, vampire squids could have longer lifespan than their shallow-water counterparts.

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