US State Department to Hear Views on Keystone XL Pipeline by February 2

US State Department to Hear Views on Keystone XL Pipeline by February 2

The US State Department said it wants to listen to other federal agencies' views on the Keystone XL pipeline by February 2.

The State Department wants to know whether the proposed pipeline by TransCanada Corp would serve the national interest and is taking inputs from eight federal agencies, involving the Environmental Protection Agency and the Interior, Commerce and Homeland Security departments.

"Once we have received all of the information needed for completion of the review, that information has been analyzed, and the final documents have been prepared, a determination will be made", said a State Department official.

The pipeline will take Canadian oil to refineries along the US Gulf Coast. The pipeline has become a matter of argument between the Obama administration and the Republican-dominated US Congress. A bill for the pipeline has been already passed by the House.

It is scheduled that the Senate will vote on it this month, in spite of the threat of veto from President Barack Obama, who has questioned that how helpful it is going to be for the US.

The Obama administration wants the State Department to finish its review of plans for the pipeline before making a decision. Republicans are pushing for the pipeline as a project that is going to create jobs.

When the agencies submit their comments, Secretary of State John F. Kerry will start an 'open-ended determination process'. Since the pipeline crosses the border, the State Department has jurisdiction over it. The factors considered are like energy supplies, and the pipeline's impact on the environment and economy.

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